General Information

There are two hostels in the college campus - UG Hostel and PG Hostel for students. UG Hostel is meant for the UG students of our college and Dr.Sivanthi Aditanar Teacher Training Institute. PG Hostel is meant for the PG students of our college, Aditanar College of Arts and Science, Dr.Sivanthi Aditanar College of Physical Education and Dr.Sivanthi Aditanar College of Education. Both the hostels are built with all the modern amenities.

  • The Hostel is under the direct control of the principal who is the warden. She is assisted by the Deputy Warden

  • There are 94 rooms in our hostel

  • There is a store in the hostel where the students can buy the necessary stationeries.

  • Application for admission to the Hostel shall be made in the prescribed form.

  • Married student will not be given accommodation in the Hostel


                                                                            UG Hostel                    PG Hostel

(i)Application                                                           Rs.100                        Rs.100     

(ii) Admission Fees                                                    Rs.100                        Rs.100

(iii) Establishment Charges (Per Year)                           Rs. 6,000                    Rs. 6,500

(iv) Mess fees (Per Year)                                           Rs. 21,000                   Rs. 21,000

(v) Caution Deposit (refundable)                                  Rs. 1,500                    Rs. 2,000 

(vi) Room Rent (Per Year)                                           Rs. 1,000                     Rs. 1,000



The mess will be run in two sections.

1. Vegetarian 2. Non – Vegetarian

The menu will be fixed by the Deputy Warden in consultation with the students.

The Monthly mess charges are made on the basis of dividing system.

Advisory System

Every student shall have one of the members of the staff as adviser and she is expected to meet her adviser at least once in every week and get her assistance in case of any difficulties.

College Buses

There are nine college buses for the convenience of the students. The bus fare will be collected from the students.

College Union & Affiliated Associations

The college union is the main organization of the student body of the college.

It consists of :

All the affiliated associations of the college

All the students on roll of the college

All the staff members in-charge of the union and the various associations.

The Student Chairman, Secretary and the Joint Secretary are selected by the staff council. The Students Chairman and Secretary will be selected from the final year classes only. The Joint Secretary will be selected from the second year classes.

The union operates through the main committee, a sub-Committee of secretaries of all the affiliated associations under the patronage of the principal who is the Ex-Officio President of the union. Two senior members of the teaching faculty appointed by the Principal are the Vice-President of the union.

The aims of the union are to enhance the personality of the students and to encourage social and cultural activities among the students.  

Physical Education


 This Proverb is Clearly Suitable for Physical Education. Sports and Games are the Sources of physical education. It means to train both body and Mind.

The source of physical education holds a prominent place in our college Our College is fully equipped with facilities for a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Our college is provided with

Indoor courts     : Table tennis,Carrom and chess.

Outdoor courts  : Basket Ball,Volley Ball,Ball-Badmination,Kabaddi,Kho-kho and 200 mr. track.

Every year on 14 th of August, Manonmanium Sundaranar University conducts a Minimorrathan race for 10 km. Our students have always secured significant places.

Physical Education keeps one fit and strong. It develops self-confidence, team spirit and leadership qualities. The physical education class presents excellent opportunities for building better human relations. It is a laboratory where the students can participate social experiences. Co-operation, sub-ordination of once desire for the good of the group, loyalty, courtesy and a sense of humour, courage, honesty, sincerity, modesty, dependability and a genuine interest are the worthy trails of sportsmanship.In every person there is a hidden skill. Every player must come forward to expose her / his still under the guidance of an experienced coach. For the past 20 years our college secured a marvelous achievement in bringing out outstanding players.

Even though we are in the modern world, women are unable to secure a prominent place except few. But still we hope that our college will be able to create sports personalities like Sania Mirza, Anju George the twinkling stars of India.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

National service scheme is a special programme to youth sponsored by the Government Of India throughout the nation. The scheme was started in our college in 1989. At present units are doing various services to nearby villages. Students may join in these activities.

Youth Red Cross Society

Youth Red Cross is another youth welfare programme sponsored by the Government of the India throughout the nation. The scheme was started in our college in the year 1998. Blood donation camps and First Aid Programmes are regularly conducted.


Alumini Association of our College was inaugurated on 26 th January 2002. Our Principal is the ex-officio advisor of the alumini association. All the activities of the association are carried out by a selected team of alumini consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Joint Secretary. This team is selected once in 3 years.

Funds for alumini association are utilized for providing scholarship for the poor students. Guest Lectures are arranged to motivate and create awareness among the students.